For the past ten months, TILT has been experiences intense disputes between partners. The end result is myself recovering complete ownership as of last Friday. Unfortunately, the emotions and result of a quick settlement prevented continued customer service and inventory availability.

We are relocating the warehouse to my hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan. Grand Rapids provides a better balance of creative culture, riding, and cost than the current TILT location. I'm hyped to recreate a space and make TILT what I've always dreamed of.


The order system will be down for the rest of this week. The order system will resume February 8. All orders will ship that same week. On February 12, operations will be completely back to normal.


Inventory levels remain the same prior to closing this deal. All products will be available February 8 except handlebars.

Scout and Sentry Bars are scheduled to land April 8.

Sales Contact

For the remainder of February, the best way to contact TILT is either by email to or by call/text 616-723-0919. Myself and Chris Martin have been behind the B2B system for years and will take over dealer communication for the time being.

Outdated Address / Contact

TILT is no longer located at 9431 Enterprise Drive Mokena IL 60448. TILT no longer has access to the phone number 708-478-6250.

My personal email is for any direct questions/comments . Thanks to everyone for your patience and support!


Collin Snoek